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One Voice, One Vision, One Goal
Enrich Your Life!

In a world of convention, we dare to be different. Our female inspired cannabis products are a unique sensory and physical adventure; an experience created from superior genetics, deep tradition, innovation, and lots of imagination.

Asha is a woman founded and led cannabis company that was formed out of necessity and whose voice has emerged onto the premium cannabis scene with an unwavering desire and commitment to enriching lives through quality pharmaceutical grade products.

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Cannabis has played and continues to play such an important part in the lives of so many of our loved ones. Cancer, Parkinson, Autoimmune Disease, and Depression – these nasty interlopers crush our body & spirit then leave in its wake the addictive opioids fueling further destruction.

As a breast cancer survivor, our founder realized firsthand the benefits of cannabis but found limited quality solutions that addressed women specific needs and preferences.

Asha is committed to change that.

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Our vision became a reality by partnering with King Klone Genetics, the most sought-after cannabis genetics in California. Through science and technology, we create choice, pharmaceutical grade, solution driven products addressing the multiple needs and occasions most important to women.

As the founder of Asha, I am very proud to offer a comprehensive array of opioid alternative solutions to help Enrich your Life: Asha Health (orals & topicals), Asha Remedy (flower & concentrates), Asha Micro (micro dosing), Asha Mine (edibles), Asha Gold Standard (genetically custom cultivars) & Asha Pet (for our four-legged friends).

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Asha means “Hope and Desire” in Sanskrit and “Life” in Swahili. We hope that our products help to give you both.

~ Danielle Chacko

Founder/CEO of Asha Pharmaceuticals